Online ideal resonant tuned LC tank circuit calculator


Calculate ideal resonant tuned circuit (LC tank) (Wikipedia) parameters in your browser.
This may be helpful to estimate component values when e.g. building an oscillator or winding coils (e.g. RFID antenna, inductive sensor, induction heater).
Of course, a real, non-ideal circuit then will have to be tuned to the desired oscillation frequency.

This calculator solves the resonant frequency equation for either f (frequency in Hertz), C (capacitance in Farad) or L (inductance in Henry).
Just enter the two knowns and the unknown will be calculated automatically. Alternatively, click a button for the remaining value.
The input fields accept values with decimal point or comma, SI prefixes from pico (e-12) to Giga (e9) e.g. "1 k", or e notation ("ex" representing "*10^x" in scientific notation), e.g. "1.0e3". It also handles simple expressions (e.g. addition).
The result will also be given with the SI prefices used in engineering notation, though not neccessarily in the typical component value range (e.g. uF for capacitors).

`1/(2*pi*sqrt(L*C)) = f =` 

`(1/(2*pi*f))^2 / C = L =` 

`(1/(2*pi*f))^2 / L = C =` 

Last values:

Just in case, here are some engineering SI unit prefixes and their powers (e notation):
GigaG1e91*10^91 000 000 000billion
MegaM1e61*10^61 000 000million
KiloK1e31*10^31 000thousand
microμ or just u1e-61*10^-60.000 001millionth
nanon1e-91*10^-90.000 000 001billionth
picop1e-121*10^-120.000 000 000 001trillionth